Manchester Expo 2014

This was probably my most favourite expo! I enjoyed every minute of it and I got to talk to so many people it was lovely.

I was only there on the Saturday but it was so much fun!!

Princess Serenity was a hit~

Sailor Neptune and Uranus can be found here 
Sailor Saturn here
Oogie Boogie here
Sailor Luna here
And my boyfriend here 

heading to manchester in the morning

if you see at manchester expo come say hii

i got my first set of contacts today and i love them!

Anonymous said: sorry for seeming like a stalker, but i love your godoka cosplay! <3 <3

ahh gosh you’re not a stalker <3

thank you so much ;^; <3 i’m thinking about remaking it in the future

have a lovely night

Anonymous said: How much did it cost to make your serenity costume? It's gorgeous

the entire dress cost £20 for materials so that pretty much. it took about 7 hours all together <3

Thank you <3

so finally got around to making princess serenity

it only took a day thank goodness

will be prancing about in this outfit in Manchester next month

Sunday outfit - Ayumi - Corpse Party

This was really fun, we had a lot of drop outs and couldn’t do our gore shoots but we all enjoyed it

It was another costume we threw together in the hotel room but it was a lot of fun <3

Rise - Persona 4

I was secretly dreading this costume, considering we put the top together in a night in the hotel it was actually really lovely

i adore the wig and i hope to wear this one again <3

London expo may 2014 was really fun

i really enjoyed wearing nui (1 costume out of 3) and had a lot of lovely feedback!

i hope everyone enjoyed themselves 

assdere said: OMG I love your kill la kill cosplay, I hope I see you there!

wahh thank you!

what will you be cosplaying? i hope we can get photos together!